N35 Allen & Ginter American Editors

Last updated: Jul 10, 2019 @ 1:37 pm

From an era when newspapers were king, this is a numbered set of editors from different cities. The lithography, as usual, is excellent. N35 is probably the third most popular of the 10 A&G large format cards, behind only the N36 Indians set and the N43 World’s Champions. Interestingly, the cards numbered 26 to 50 seem to be a lot harder to find than 1 to 25.

N35 Complete Checklist

1Geo. Abel
2Felix Agnus
3John Arkins
4Lewis Baker
5A.H. Belo
6Jas. Gordon Bennett
7George Bleistein
8Alden J. Blethen
9Sam L. Bowles
10J.M. Bundy
11W.D. Bickham
12Geo. W. Childs
13W.W. Clapp
14A.S. Colyar
15Edwin Cowles
16Charles A. Dana
17F.W. Dawson
18M.H. De Young
19S.J. Flickinger
20Allan Forman
21G.C. Goodwin
22Henry W. Grady
23Murat Halstead
24Jos. R. Hawley
25Charles H. Jones
26George R. Jones
27Albert R. Lamar
28Page McCarty
29J.B. McCullagh
30John R. McLean
31Joseph Medill
32Jno. C. New
33Mrs. E.J. Nicholson
34William Penn Nixon
35Crosby S. Noyes
36Frank R. O'Neil
37Oswald Ottendorfer
38Joseph Pulitzer
39William Purcell
40William E. Quinby
41Whitelaw Reid
42O.H. Rothaker
43Richard H.Silvester
44William M. Singerly
45John A. Sleicher
46Charles Emory Smith
47Melville E. Stone
48Charles H. Taylor
49R.T. Van Horn
50Henry Watterson