N36 Allen & Ginter American Indian

Last updated: Jul 14, 2022 @ 7:57 am

Extremely popular 50-card set issued in 1888 by Allen & Ginter. Much harder to find than the smaller N2s that used the same pictures. N36s in decent condition now regularly sell for $100 or more.

I have many dupes to trade for those I need.  Please contact me if you can want to trade or sell N36s.

N36 Complete Checklist

Agate Arrow PointWarm Springs
Always RidingYampah Ute
Big BearMissouria
Big ChiefPonca
Big ElkPonca
Big RazorBlackfeet Sioux
Big SnakeWinnebagoes
Black EyeBlackfeet Sioux
Black HawkDakota Sioux
Black HawkSac & Fox
Bull HeadPawnee
Chief GallHunkpapa Sioux
Chief JosephNez Perces
Clam FishWarm Springs
Crow's BreastGros Ventres
Deer HamIoway
Great BearDelaware
Great War ChiefNavajos
Grey EagleApache
Hairy BearWinnebagoes
Iron BullCrow
John GrassBlackfeet Sioux
John Yellow FlowerUte
KeokukSac & Fox
Keokuk's SonSac & Fox
King Of The CrowsCrow
Lean WolfGros Ventres
Mad BearLower Yanktonas Sioux
Man And ChiefPawnee
Many HornsBlackfeet Sioux
Noon DayChippeway
Red BirdChippeway
Red CloudDakota Sioux
Red ShirtDakota Sioux
Red ThunderBlackfeet Sioux
Rushing BearPawnee
Sitting BullDakota Sioux
Spotted TailBlackfeet Sioux
True EagleMissouria
War CaptainNambe
White ShieldSouthern Cheyenne
White SwanLower Yanktonas Sioux
Young Black DogOsage
Young WhirlwindSouthern Cheyenne