N44 World’s Decorations

Last of the large format Allen & Ginter sets (at least according to the ACC designations), N44 “World’s Decorations of Knighthood, Chivalry, Merit, Heroism, &c., &c.” is definitely the least popular of the 10 sets due to the subject matter, although the lithography is excellent and the backs are cool. These cards barely break $20 each even in great condition.

I’m very close to finishing this set and would gladly trade dupes I have for the 6 I need:  #6, #12, #15, #33, #47, #48.

N44 World’s Decorations Complete Checklist

1Order of Alcantara of Spain
2Order of the Bath Great Britain
3Order of the Bust of Bolivar
4Order of Civil Merit Saxony
5Royal and Distinguished Order of Charles III of Spain
6Christ Holy See
7Order of the Crown Germany
8Crown of Italy
9Order of the Crown of Oak Luxembourg
10Order of the Crown of Wurtemberg
11Order of the Dannebrog Denmark
12Order of the Elephant Denmark
13Imp. Order of Frances Joseph of Austria
14Jewel of the Garter Gt. Britain
15Order of the Golden Fleece Austria
16Order of the Golden Spur Holy See
17Order of the Gregory the Great Holy See
18Order of the House of Hohenzollern Prussia
19Order of the Indian Empire Gt. Britain
20Order of the Iron Crown Austria
21Cross of the Legion of Honor France
22Order of Leopold Belgium
23Imperial Order of the Medjdie Turkey
24Order of Merit Prussia
25Order of the Neatherlands Lion of Holland
26Order of thed Polar Star Sweden
27Red Eagle Prussia
28Redeemer Greece
29Imp Order of the Rose of Brazil
30Order of the Seraphim Sweden
31Badge of the Society of Cincinnati U.S. of A.
32Order of St. Andrew Russia
33Order of St. Anne Russia
34Military Order of St. George Russia
35Order of St. Hubert Bavaria
36Order of St. James Portugal
37Order of St. John Holy See
38St. Maurice And St. Lazarus Italy
39St. Michael And St. George Gt. Britain
40Order of St. Michael Bavaria
41St. Olaf Norway
42St. Stephen Hungary
43Jewel of Order of St. Patrick Gt. Britain
44Order of St. Vladimir Russia
45Order of the Sun And Lion Persia
46Jewel of the Order of the Thistle Gt. Britain
47Ancient And Most Noble Order of the Tower And Sword Portugal
48Order of the White Falcon Saxe Weimar
49Mily. Order of William Netherlands Or Holland
50Order of the Zaehringen Lion Baden