D381 Fleischmann and Ferguson Bakeries Checklist

Last updated: Nov 2, 2019 @ 3:20 pm

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This is the only complete and correct D381 checklist. Others found across the internet are just copies of lists from the 70’s that omit most variations, as well as the Johnson card, and make no mention of Ferguson-only cards. I’ve combined the 100 known Fleischmann cards with the 4 cards issued only by Ferguson and added all known variations for Fleischmann cards, with descriptions. There are some cases where I’ve not yet been able to find examples of a player’s card; those cells display “unknown”. Sort any column by clicking on the text in the column header. I’ve also made the checklist publicly available as a Google spreadsheet.

There are also lists for D381’s by team and D381’s in the Burdick Collection at The Met at the bottom of this page.


PlayerTeamVariationFleischmann I (540 East 81st St. address)Fleischmann II (Bronx Boul. & Post St. address)Ferguson
AdamsPittsburgh NLUnknownunknown
Alexander, G.Philadelphia NLUnknownknown
Alexander, W.New York ALNunknown
AllenBoston NLUnknownknown
AndersonNew York NLNknown
BancroftPhiladelphia NLNknown; position is "Short Stop" (Fleischmann is "Shortstop")
BarryBoston ALNunknown
BeckerPhiladelphia NLYUniform logo not visibleTop of uniform logo visibleunknown
Burns, E.Philadelphia NLYUniform logo not visibleTop of uniform logo visibleknown
Burns, G.New York NLNunknown
ByrnePhiladelphia NLNunknown
CaldwellNew York ALNunknown
CallahanPittsburgh NLNunknown
CarriganBoston ALNpossible (in SGC pop report)
CheneyBrooklyn NLUnknownunknown
ClarkCincinnati NLYNeither hand appears. No copyright on photo.Photo extends below waist with right hand prominently shown. Copyright on photo.unknown
CobbDetroit ALUnknownunknown
CollinsBoston ALYOne button is visibleNo buttons are visibleunknown
CoombsBrooklyn NLNunknown
CooperPittsburgh NLNunknown
CutshawBrooklyn NLNunknown
DaubertBrooklyn NLNunknown
DellBrooklyn NLNunknown
DonovanNew York ALNunknown
DoyleNew York NLNunknown
EganBoston NLNknown
EversBoston NLUnknownunknown
FisherNew York ALNunknown
GardnerBoston ALNunknown
GedeonNew York ALUnknownunknown
GilbertBoston NLUnknownunknown
GilhooleyNew York ALNunknown
GowdyBoston NLNknown
GreggBoston ALNknown (in Burdick collection)
GriffithCincinnati NLUnknownunknown
GrohCincinnati NLNunknown
HarmonPittsburgh NLNunknown
HartzellNew York ALYLast name is spelled correctly.Last name is misspelled as "Hartell".known
HendriksenBoston ALUnknownknown
HendrixChicago NLNunknown
HerzogCincinnati NLUnknownunknown
HighNew York ALUnknownunknown
HoblitzellBoston ALNknown; position is "1st Base" (Fleischmann is "First Base")
HunterNew York NLNunknown
JanvrinBoston ALYknown
JenningsDetroit ALUnknown[does not exist][does not exist]possible, Ferguson only
JohnsonWashington ALUnknown[does not exist][does not exist]known, Ferguson only
JohnstonBrooklyn NLUnknownunknown
KantlehnerPittsburgh NLYname spelled as "Kantlehuer"name spelled as "Kantlehner"unknown
KauffNew York NLUnknownunknown
KeatingNew York ALNunknown
Killifer [Killefer]Cincinnati NLUnknownknown; name spelled correctly
KnetzerCincinnati NLNPicture shows Konetchy.Picture shows Konetchy.unknown
KocherNew York NLNunknown
KonetchyBoston NLUnknownPicture shows Knetzer in Brooklyn uniform. Lists position as "First Base".known; picture shows Konetchy and lists position as "1st Base".
Landerus [Luderus]Philadelphia NLYUniform logo not visible. Name misspelled as "Landerus"Part of uniform logo is visible. Name misspelled as "Landerus"known; name misspelled differently as "Lauderus"
LeonardBoston ALNunknown
LewisBoston ALY2nd uniform button is partially visible, copyright is flush with bottom Space visible below 2nd button. Copyright is higher on left side.known; position is "Left Field" (both Fleischmann variations wrongly list "Second Base").
LoveNew York ALNunknown
MamauxPittsburgh NLNunknown
MaranvilleBoston NLNunknown
MarquardBrooklyn NLNunknown
MathewsonNew York NLNknown
McKechnieNew York NLNunknown
Meyer [Meyers]New York NLNunknown
MillerBrooklyn NLUnknownunknown
MollwitzCincinnati NLNunknown
MoranBoston NLNknown
MowreyBrooklyn NLY1-line caption with position as "3rd Baseman".2-line caption with position as "3rd Base".unknown
MurphyPhiladelphia ALUnknownknown
NehfBoston NLN[does not exist][does not exist]known, Ferguson only
O'MaraBrooklyn NLNunknown
OldringPhiladelphia ALY© is on same line with "Underwood & Underwood". Copyright is just above bottom border.© is above "Underwood & Underwood". Copyright is higher up on left side.unknown
PaskertPhiladelphia NLUnknownunknown
RaganBoston NLUnknownknown
RaridenNew York NLY2-line caption1-line caption or 2-line caption (variations exist from same location)unknown
RobertsonNew York NLNunknown
RodgersCincinnati NLNunknown
Rousch [Roush]New York NLYPosition is "Right Field"Position is "Right Fielder"unknown
RuckerBrooklyn NLYUniform logo is not visibleTop of uniform logo is visibleunknown
RudolphBoston NLNunknown
SchangPhiladelphia ALY1 button visible. Copyright is small and close to bottom border.2 buttons visible. Copyright is easily legible and higher up.unknown
SchauerNew York NLY© in copyright is much larger than "Underwood & Underwood"© in copyright is barely larger than "Underwood & Underwood"known
SchneiderCincinnati NLNunknown
SchuppNew York NLUnknownknown
ShoreBoston ALNunknown
SmithBoston NLUnknownunknown
SnodgrassBoston NLNknown; position is "Centerfield" (Fleischmann shows "Center Field")
SpeakerCleveland ALYcopyright is larger and extends to right side of uniformcopyright is small and covers only left side of uniformknown
StallingsBoston NLNunknown
StengelBrooklyn NLY1-line caption with last name misspelled as "Stengle"2-line caption with last name spelled correctly as "Stengel"unknown
StroudNew York NLNunknown
StrunkPhiladelphia ALNknown
TesreauNew York NLUnknownunknown
ThomasBoston ALY1 uniform button visible.2 uniform buttons visible.unknown
ToneyCincinnati NLUnknownunknown
TragesserBoston NLN[does not exist][does not exist]known, Ferguson only
WagnerPittsburgh NLUnknownunknown
WeilmanSt. Louis ALYTop of team name visible; © in copyright is white and is above "Underwood & Underwood"Team name not visible; copyright is on one lineunknown
WheatBrooklyn NLYUniform logo not visibleTop of uniform logo visiblepossible (in SGC pop report)
WhittedPhiladelphia NLNunknown
WilsonPittsburgh NLNunknown
WingoCincinnati NLNunknown
WoodBoston ALY© is on same line as "Underwood & Underwood"© in copyright line is above "Underwood & Underwood" (variations exist from same location)unknown


D381’s by Team

For the sake of completeness, this list includes the teams with zero players represented.

DetroitAL2includes Jennings (Ferguson only)
New YorkAL10
St. LouisAL1
WashingtonAL1includes Johnson (Ferguson only)
BostonNL15includes Nehf and Tragesser (Ferguson only)
New YorkNL16
St. LouisNL0


D381’s in Burdick Collection at The Met

These cards all have their coupons attached.