N291 Buchner ‘Victory Smoking Tobacco’ Presidential Puzzle Cards

Last updated: Feb 16, 2022 @ 5:52 pm

Buchner issued this unique 12 card “puzzle” set of 1888 presidential candidates to promote Victory Tobacco. It’s one of the scarcest of all Buchner sets. Each card depicts a potential candidate in a comical pose (as a Roman gladiator, a horse rider, an oarsman, etc.) and has a pithy 4-line poem that identifies them and includes a plug for Victory . In each card’s background are seen parts of President Grover Cleveland’s head; when you had all 12 cards, you could assemble them to spell out “Cleveland’s Victory”.

The 12 cards with their letters are: C, LE, VE, LA, ND, S, V, IC, T, O, R, Y.  As of 1/28/19, I need C, LE, VE, S, and Y.  I have 2 nice dupes of the “T” card to trade.

These cards are very thin and are often found with staining and creases. The subject matter and the lithography by Giles Lithographic & Liberty Printing Co. from New York are superb; Giles specialized in trade cards and these have that same feel.