19th c. Non-sports

Last updated: Jul 17, 2022 @ 4:06 pm

19th c. non-sport sets in my collection. Click on a link to see images and descriptions of a set.

Allen & Ginter issues

N2 American Indian Chiefs | N35 American Editors | N36 American Indians | N37 Birds of America | N38 Birds of the Tropics | N39 Fish from American Waters | N40 Game Birds | N41 Quadrupeds | N42 Song Birds of the World | N43 World’s Champions | N44 World’s Decorations

Buchner issues

N283 Defenders & Offenders | N288 Buchner Police Inspectors & Captains & Chiefs Of The Fire Department | N291 ‘Victory Smoking Tobacco’ Presidential Puzzle Cards | N284 Buchner Gold Coin Actors

Other Tobacco Brands

1889 N189 W. S. Kimball “Savage and Semi-Barbarous Chiefs and Rulers” | N238 Kinney International Cards | N559 Lake Erie Tobacco Company State Governors | N570 Kickapoo Plug Tobacco American Indian Chiefs | T90 “Nature Cards” with bird feathers | Australian 19th c. cards

Duke & Co. Honest Long Cut and other brands

N127 Sea Captains | N138 Tricks With Cards | N146 Duke Actresses & Celebrities | N151 Duke “Actresses, Celebrities, Children” | N155 Scenes and Buildings | N691 Honest Long Cut American Indian

“E” Caramel card issues

1880’s E183 Heisel “Party Gum” and “Nominee Gum” | E40 Philadelphia Caramel Airships | E49 Wild West Caramels