19th c. Non-sports

This is a list of all 19th c. non-sport sets in my collection. Click on a link to see images and descriptions.

Allen & Ginter19th c.more 19th c.20th c.
N2 American Indian ChiefsN127 Sea CaptainsN151 Duke CelebritiesT330-4 Piedmont Art Stamp Fish Series
N28 World's ChampionsN138 Tricks with CardsN238 International CardsE40 Phila. Caramel Airships
N35 American EditorsN155 Scenes and BuildingsN284 Buchner Gold Coin (Actors)E3 Navy Caramels Battleships
N36 American IndiansN157 Sunny South SeriesN570 Kickapoo American IndiansE49 Wild West Caramels
N37 Birds of AmericaN283 Buchner Defenders & OffendersT90 Nature Cards (birds)
N38 Birds of the TropicsN291 Victory Tobacco Presidential Puzzle Cards
N39 Fish from American WatersN370 Lone Jack
N40 Game BirdsN412 Marburg "Seal of North Carolina" Celebrities
N41 QuadrupedsN559 Lake Erie Tobacco State Governors
N42 Song Birds of the WorldN635 Celebrities
N44 World's DecorationsN691 Honest Long Cut American Indians