T222 Fatima Checklists

Below is a list of the baseball players in the T222 set and a list of counts by teams, as well as a list of the actors & actresses.

T222 Bottom Left with number and without

T222 Bottom Left with Number and without

  • “Lower Left #” refers to the number that appears in the lower-lefthand corner of the card, if any.
  • “Uniform Shown” is my best guess as to when the photo was taken and what uniform (home or away) the player was wearing. This was done by comparing the photos against Marc Okkonen’s Baseball Uniforms of the 20th Century and the players’ playing years.
  • The Hall of Fame’s “Dressed to the Nines” online database is the best resource for researching uniforms.



Here’s a list of all players with their numbers and teams. To sort, click on the column header. Search allows you to find a player or team by name.

PlayerTeamLower Left NumberUniform ID
AlexanderPhila. Nationals21911 or 1912 photo (Home or Away ?)
ArcherChicago Nationals51909 photo (Away)
AustinSt. Louis Americans121911 to 1913 photo (Away)
BarryPhila. Americans31908 to 1913 photo (Home or Away)
BaumgardnerSt. Louis Americans131912 or 1913 photo (Home or Away)
BentonCincinnati121912 photo (Home)
BresnahanChicago Nationals7Photo year unknown (shown in Cardinals)
BrownPhila. Americans81911 to 1913 photo (Home or Away)
BurnsNew York Nationalsno number1913 photo (Home or Away)
BushPhila. Americans61912 or 1913 photo (Home or Away)
ChalmersPhila. Nationalsno number1912 (Home or Away ?)
ChanceNew York Americans31913 or 1914 photo ( doesn't match Okkonen's examples)
DemareeNew York Nationals71912 photo (home or away?)
E. MurphyPhila. Americans61912 or 1913 (Home or Away)
FletcherNew York Nationals31909 Home is closest match
HamiltonSt. Louis Americans131912 photo (away)
HenryWashington151909 photo (Away)
HouckPhila. Americans71912 or 1913 photo (Home or Away)
HugginsSt. Louis Nationals81909 or 1910 photo (shown in Cardinals Home)
J.C. SmithBrooklyn131911 photo (Home)
JenningsDetroit71908 to 1913 photo (Away)
JohnsonWashington151912 or 1913 photo (Away)
KeatingN.Y. Americans121913 photo (Home)
LappPhila. Americans41908 to 1913 photo (Home or Away)
LeachChicago Nationals91913 photo (Away)
LeiboldCleveland141913 photo (Away)
LeliveltCleveland15either 1913 photo (Cleveland Away) or 1912 photo (Yankees Away)
LobertPhiladelphia Nationals151911 or 1912 photo (Home or Away)
MageePhila. Nationals121911 or 1912 photo (Home, if 1911, else either)
MageeSt. Louis Nationals151911 or 1912 photo (Home or Away)
MaiselNew York Americans61913 photo (Home)
MarquardNew York Nationalsno number1911 photo (Home)
McBrideWashington141910 or 1911 photo (Home)
McInnisPhila. Americans31909 to 1913 photo (Home or Away)
McLeanNew York Nationals51909 or 1910 photo (shown in Reds Away)
MorganWashington141912 or 1913 photo (Away)
MurrayNew York Nationals81910 photo (Home)
OldringPhila. Americans61908 to 1913 photo (Home or Away)
OrrPhila. Americans71913 photo (Home or Away). The first of his 2 years in major league baseball.
PerdueBoston Nationalsno number1913 (Home)
PhelanChicago Nationals91913 photo (Away)
ReulbachBrooklyn51913 photo (shown in Cubs' Away)
SaierChicago Nationalsno number1911 or 1912 photo (Away)
SalleeSt. Louis Nationals71909 or 1910 photo (Home or Away ?)
SchangPhila. Americans41913 photo (Home or Away)
SchulteChicago Nationals141911 to 1913 photo (Away)
StrunkPhila. Americans41913 photo? (shown in Braves' Away)
SweeneyChicago Nationals4Photo year unknown (shown in Braves)
TylerBoston Nationals41913 photo (Away)
VittDetroit51913 photo (Away)
WingoSt. Louis Nationals81911 to 1913 photo (Home or Away)
ZimmermanChicago Nationals21910 to 1913 photo (doesn't match Okkonen's examples)



Here’s a list of the totals by team, broken out by low numbers (easier) and high numbers (more difficult).

TeamTotal CardsLow NumbersHigh Numbers
Boston AL000
Chicago AL000
Cleveland AL202
Detroit AL220
New York AL321
Philadelphia AL11110
St. Louis AL303
Washington AL404
Boston NL220
Brooklyn NL211
Chicago NL871
Cincinnati NL101
New York NL660
Philadelphia NL422
Pittsburgh NL000
St. Louis NL431


Actors & Actresses

List of all known actor & actress cards. These are as difficult as the most scarce baseball players. The Kerrigan card was first discovered in 2016.

NameLower Left Number
King Baggotnone
Della Connor11
Ethel Grandinnone
J. Warren Kerrigannone
Florence Lawrencenone
Paul Panzernone
Pearl Sindelar11
Crane Wilbur11