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Contact me if you want to buy, sell, or trade cards.

Available Cards

I usually have a few cards available for trade or sale. Big, beautiful scans of most of them can be seen by clicking the links below. I add new cards most months, so check back later.



I prefer to trade for cards I need, but I’m willing to sell these cards if the price is right. No harm in asking!


These are most of the sets I’m working on. If you have a proposal, I’ll try to respond quickly.

D381 Fleischmann/Ferguson

Needed with coupons: Adams, Alexander (Grover), Allen, Caldwell (have w/o coupon), Callahan, Cheney, Cobb, Collins, Cutshaw (upgrade from PR), Daubert, Doyle (have w/o coupon), Evers, Fisher (have w/o coupon), Gilbert, Hartzell, Hendriksen (have w/o coupon), Herzog, High (have w/o coupon), Janvrin, Jennings, Johnson, Johnston, Kauff (have w/o coupon), Mamaux, Mathewson, Miller, Mollwitz (have w/o coupon), Nehf, Paskert (have w/o coupon), Rariden, Rucker, Speaker, Tesreau, Toney, Tragesser, Wagner, Whitted, Wilson, Wingo (have w/o coupon), Wood.

I sometimes have dupes to trade (with coupons and without) and I’m always looking for upgrades.

T217 Mono

Needed (any condition): Criger, Delhi (glove at chest level), Mitze, O’Rourke, Smith (fielding), Stein, Thorsen, Wheeler. Can also use upgrades for many cards.

T204 Ramly

I have a complete set, but I’m looking to upgrade Bridwell, Hobitzell, Kleinon, Ritchey, Schaefer, Burkett, Chance, Cicotte, Hoblitzell, Keeler, Knight, Konetchy, Newton, Rucker, Sallee, Tenney.

I’m also always looking for cards with T.T.T. backs.

T222 Fatima

Upgrades (VG-ish or better): Austin, Baumgardner, Demaree, Jennings, Lelivelt, Lobert, L.Magee, Schulte. Also looking for any of the track & field and “Photoplay” (actors & actresses) cards.

T212-1 (1909) Obaks

I have ~25 of these and would like to pick up others in SGC holders (50 or better).

T227 Series of Champions

Need all that are not baseball, boxing, or track & field.

N2 Indian Chiefs

Need upgrades (at least VG): Agate Arrow Point, Big Elk, Big Razor, Big Snake, Black Hawk (Sioux), British, Deer Ham, Wetcunie, Young Whirlwind

N36 A&G Indians

Need: Big Bear, Big Chief, Big Elk, Big Snake, Black Hawk, Black Hawk, British, Bull Head, Cayatanita, Chief Gall, Chief Joseph, Clam Fish, Crow’s Breast, Great Bear, Great War Chief, Grey Eagle, John Grass, Keokuk, Keokuk’s Son, Lean Wolf, Mad Bear, Many Horns, Noon Day, Red Bird, Red Shirt, Red Thunder, Sitting Bull, Spotted Tail, Striker, War Captain, White Swan, Young Black Dog, Young Whirlwind

N44 World’s Decorations

Missing: #6, #12, #15, #33, #47, #48
Need Upgrades: #2 (paper loss), #4 (scrapbook residue), #16 (scrapbook residue), #22 (scrapbook residue), #25 (paper loss), #27 (paper loss), #35 (scrapbook residue)

I have 4 or 5 of these to trade, all are VG to EX with no paper loss.

N154 Presidential B.B. Club

I have 10 of these and a couple of dupes for trade. Looking for any and all.

N283 Defenders & Offenders, N127 Sea Captains, N124 Presidential Possibilities, N559 State Governors

Any and all of these sets are on my wantlist. I have dupes to trade from several of them.