Issues of The Trader Speaks from Aug. 1975, Nov. 1978, and Sept. 1979.

The Trader Speaks issues from the 1970’s.

Latest additions

Jan. 2021: Jones, Keyser & Arras cabinet of Brown, rare 1888 S.F. Hess N338-1 California League player

Dec. 2020: A big end of year finish with a D381 Mathewson, a new page for N332 S.F. Hess & Co. “Athletes & Celebrities”, a new 1914 E224 Texas Tommy page

Aug. 2020: Several more N43 Allen & Ginter World’s Champions, a few D381 Fleischmann and Ferguson Bakeries additions


Welcome to The Trader Speaks. This is a hobby site with images and descriptions of most of my pre-WWI vintage baseball, boxing, and 19th-century non-sport cards. Click on the menu options to view more info on each set. The cards generally aren’t for sale, although some may be available for trade; you can contact me via email. The site renders well on all devices, I think, but please let me know if you see different results.

I started collecting when I was a kid in the late 70’s and I’ve been at it off and on ever since then. The oldest cards in my possession are a few T204’s that I’ve owned for more than 25 years. This site is named after a great hobby publication that ran from 1968 to 1983 (In Memoriam: Dan Dischley); the covers of several issues are shown above.

You can always contact me with any questions or comments or if you’ve got something good you might want to sell. I usually respond quickly, but it may take a few days. One note: I’m not buying publications.

If you’d like to use images found here, I won’t squawk but please credit this site. Thanks.